Monday, May 21, 2007

Beginner's Instructional Jam

Tonight was our every other week beginner's instructional jam. It was another very good session. We went through Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Long Journey Home, Jambayla, Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms, Dooley, Worried Man Blues and Cripple Creek.

For the banjo players, we talked about using parts of other songs as fill-in licks for back-up. We also went over the basic positions for playing melody notes out of C position. Denny was busy working on runs for the upright bass. We went over some melody notes for lead breaks on guitar and mandolin for the song Long Journey Home. We also went over the bass notes for different chords on guitar (boom chuck). Everyone is supposed to be deciding on new songs to work on at the next session.

It is really great to see how well everyone is progressing. Matt tried his first fake break tonight on banjo and did wonderful. Nick's lead on Will the Circle was good, too. I am amazed that John can play and sing at the same time since he is so new to the group. Verlan is one of the more advanced players of the group, but has always been timid about taking the lead. He seems to be getting more comfortable doing this, and is really doing a fine job. Denny started to figure out the bass runs at the last session, and there is no stopping him now! Christine is the other newcomer to the group. Her chord changes on guitar have gotten really good and she is able to make almost all of them on time now. Most importantly, we're all having FUN!!!

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Anonymous said...

AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I hate shift work!!! Sounds like this banjo workshop is just what I need. I am going to have to keep pestering you until you can switch it to friday nights!!! I still need to get out there and check out your new sign too. Hope all is well.. James