Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beginner's Jam Class

The Monday night Beginner's Jam class is going strong. We still have a whole roomful of folks for this second group of beginners that come every other week.

Now, instead of me singing everything, the individual members of the group have started picking their own songs to sing. Some of the songs we are currently working on include Worried Man Blues, Hot Corn Cold Corn, I Saw the Light, Jambalaya, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms. Kudos to Mike and Marian for singing at the last two sessions.

We have been working in the keys of G, A and D. We have also been working with the Nashville Number System, capos, transposing, beginnings and endings, basic jam etiquette, and more! We've had some really great questions from the participants, and already there has been a lot of improvement.

Banjo Tip - Right Hand Technique

I got an e-mail from Steve last week asking about right hand banjo technique. He was having the problem of his middle finger hitting the top of the banjo head when he was picking. I decided to post a short video covering some of the important right hand techniques so that hopefully he would have an answer to his question. I hope this will help you as well!