Sunday, October 17, 2021

DIY Ukulele Kit!

 Just in time for Christmas or really for any time you want to try your hand at making a musical instrument!  This do-it-yourself soprano ukulele kit is perfect for first timers, and it is only $35!  I have a limited number of these left for purchase, but you can pick yours up now until I run out!  

Everything you need to make your own ukulele is included, though there are a few additions you might want to consider.  What's included?  All the parts, including strings and picks, and even some gloves, sandpaper block, glue, screwdriver, tuning machines, and instructions.  What additions do I suggest?  First off, I have included my own set of revised/additional instructions to go along with the ones that are included because we all know how poorly these things are written by the company.  I also suggest the yellow wood glue (it comes with white), stain instead of the colored paints, some additional fine sandpaper, and some heavy duty rubber bands and/or small clamps.  

How long does it take to build one of these?  How difficult is it?  Well, it's really not all that hard to put it together.  A child will need some help and supervision, but a teenager may only need help with clamping and possibly following some of the directions.  Most adults shouldn't have much of a problem putting this together.  It does take a couple of days to complete, though, because you will have to let the glue dry and set, and you will have to let whatever finish you use (stain or paint) dry before finishing everything up.  It also depends on how fancy you get.  If you just stain it, that won't take you long at all!

Here are some pictures of the one I made.  I stained mine, then spent at least a week painting designs on the front and back.  I used acrylic paints I bought from Walmart.  I used a clear lacquer spray to protect it all when I was done with painting.  I upgraded the tuners because I like the look of closed gear tuners and black buttons over the open gear tuners with white buttons that are included with the kit.  The included tuners work just fine -- it was a cosmetic thing to me.  I also modified the bridge and saddle after I discovered that the ukulele didn't intonate properly.  That is fixed with the additional instructions I wrote that are included with every kit.  You won't have to modify yours if you follow those directions.  Intonation won't be perfect on these, but it is pretty good if you follow the directions.

If you need it shipped, there will be a shipping charge added to your purchase. And one other note, these come in a pink unicorn box.  Sorry about that!  They aren't just for females, but I doubt boys will be as excited about the box as girls.  You may want to repackage!