Friday, December 31, 2021

Renting Instruments: Cost Effective?

Have you ever considered renting to own a musical instrument?  Worried your kids won't stick with it and you'll be stuck with an expensive instrument?  Think that it's cheaper to rent?  You might be surprised at the answer!  Since the most commonly rented instruments are from the violin family or band instruments, this short blog is directed towards those two categories of instruments.

As a former music teacher (I taught band and choir in the private school sector for almost 10 years), most of my students never rented a musical instrument for band.  I spent the summers helping parents look for instruments and then fixing them up.  Many of my students would not have been in band otherwise.  The cost of the private school, plus the cost of a musical instrument was just too much, especially for larger families.  Most instruments cost my students $50-$100, and these were the name brands all band directors look for:  Bundy, Selmer, Vito, Conn, Blessing, Yamaha, etc.

When I opened The Bluegrass Shack, I was determined to never rent musical instruments.  It simply is not a cost effective way to own a student level musical instrument.  For those that are local and don't need shipping, we have violin outfits starting out at $125 that include the instrument, case & bow -- and a professional setup!  For a violin or viola, that setup will cost you at least $100 at most violin shops, and that is what makes the difference between something that is easy to play, and something that is hard or impossible to play.  Not to mention an improperly setup stringed instrument will many times not play in tune even if it is in tune.  The Bluegrass Shack also has a 100% trade in policy for all violins/fiddles.  That allows you to upgrade at any point without losing any of your investment.

We also offer a small selection of used and new band instruments starting at around $100.  We don't have the trade-in policy on these instruments, but for a fraction of the cost of renting to own, you can own your instrument.  

If your child decides not to play anymore, you won't be out near as much as you would be if you were renting, plus you can sell the instrument and recoup all or most of what you paid for it!  Don't want the hassle of selling?  Give it away!  Donate it to the school or to another child!