Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're on the Big Movie Screen!

We got to be a part of something last year that we never even dreamed of, and now it is actually done and ready for viewing!  The Bluegrass Shack, Chris Talley Armstrong, and The Chris Talley Trio are part of an independent film called "Belleville the Movie."  Producers from California came to our shop last year to inquire about filming part of their movie here.  Earl and I talked about it and decided we wouldn't tell anyone right away because we didn't really think it would happen.  But it did!  The filming in our neck of the woods was done in October, and now the movie is complete!  The premiere will be at the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville, IL on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  The movie will continue to run at the Lincoln through April 25, so you need to act fast if you would like to see it here locally.  Ticket information and more can be found at www.bellevillethemovie.com.

Since this is an independent film, it won't be playing at every theatre.  We hope that people will visit the movie website and will make an effort to go see the movie!  This is a chance to see a family film, and also support bluegrass music and all the local, small businesses around here in a rather unique way.

Take a look at the movie trailer.  We think you'll recognize at least one person, and maybe many more if you are local.

"Belleville" trailer - click SHARE to share this with your friends! from BellevilleTheMovie.com on Vimeo.

Here is a schedule of events for opening night taken directly from the movie's website: 

6:00 PM Red Carpet Arrivals
Cast, Crew, People of Notoriety and Ticket Holders Arrive on the Red Carpet

Music Performances Begin

​7:20 P.M. Introductions and Greetings
Cast, Crew and Special Guests acknowledgements

7:30 P.M. World Premiere of "Belleville"

9:00 P.M. Q & A
Cast and Crew will take questions from the audience.
Audience will have a chance to interact with Cast and Crew

10:00 P.M. After Party
(Special Private Screening for VIPs and Guests)