Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 2012 Bluegrass Shack Fiddle Contest Results

We completed another very successful fiddle contest today!  With a total of 32 contestants, we heard some fantastic fiddlin' today!  If you weren't able to make it today, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 27, 2012 when we do it again.  We had a standing room only crowd once the contest got underway.  Here's a shot of the audience before we ran out of chairs!

The 12 & Under age group was our largest division.  The competition was tough, and we had many first time contestants in this division as well.  I believe we had our youngest winner ever in this division today.  Seven-year old Audrey won 1st place with Dreamer's Waltz, Old Joe Clark and Cajun Fiddle.  This was the first time she has won 1st place in a competition.  She was closely followed by several others, though, so everyone will have to keep working hard!  The youngest fiddler in today's competition was 6-year old Jenna.  Her brother, Dustin, won the Most Entertaining in this age division.  I was so proud of every one of these contestants!

We had two other youth divisions and also an open and a senior division.  I was very proud to be on stage with my husband, Earl, who fiddled his way to 3rd place in the Open Division.  He was quite surprised.  We have blind panel judging, so none of the judges know who is performing.  We also had two first time contest players in the open division: Brad & Kevin.  They both did remarkably well!  It is tough to get up there no matter what your age, but I think it is harder for adults than it is for children.  Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!

Here are the contest results:

Junior III - 12 & Under
1st - Audrey Neel
2nd - Patrick Garner
3rd - Nolan Neumeyer
4th - Alex Rausch
5th - Lindsey Martin
Youngest - Jenna Ahlers
Most Entertaining - Dustin Ahlers

Junior II - 13 to 15 Years Old
1st - Rosemary Hall
2nd - Emma Neumeyer
3rd - Justin Heinen
4th - Caroline Stewart
Most Entertaining - Emma Neumeyer

Junior I - 16 to 18 Years Old
1st - Angela Winkeler
2nd - Aubrie Spinka
Most Entertaining - Aubrie Spinka

1st - Chelsea Bergmann
1st - Zane Prosser (Senior)
2nd - Ann White
2nd - Fred Pringle (Senior)
3rd - Earl Armstrong
4th - Charlie Hall
5th - Dennis Huebner
Most Entertaining - Ann White
Oldest - Zane Prosser

Many thanks to our judges and scorekeeper, Iggie Tiemann, Marc Renard and Carla Steinkoetter.  We couldn't have a contest with you! 

Special thanks to Dual Generation for taking care of all the food and beverages.  That is always a big help!  Thanks to Earl for taking all the pictures, and to Dennis for his help at the door and with cleanup.  Zachery was our light fixture guy, replacing a few burned out bulbs before we even got started.  Liz and Carla helped with the raffles and registration.  Many of you helped with cleanup -- I'm sure I don't even know everyone who helped us out today, but it is much appreciated.  Also many thanks to you, the audience, for coming to cheer everyone on and support us!  We hope to see you again soon!

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