Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Contest Results!

If there was ever such thing as Olympic Bluegrass Contests, this one would certainly qualify!  We had our largest contest ever by almost double.  There were 26 flattop guitar contestants, 43 fiddle contestants and 24 banjo contestants, for a grand total of 93 contestants.  I am glad that I didn't know that when we started or I probably would have panicked!

This was our first year ever to have flattop guitar.  To say the least, it was a huge success!  We added this contest in memory of the late Bill Barttelbort who was with The Chris Talley Trio.  Bill judged many a contest for us and loved to teach and play.  Probably just about every guitar contestant from Saturday had never competed in a flattop guitar contest before.  There just aren't any around here.  It was good to see guitar students from St. Agatha School competing.

It was also good to see so many people that I have never met before.  Every year, the talent just seems to get better and better.

There are SO MANY people to which I owe a debt of gratitude!  I will try to remember you all, because you are all important to me.  First of all, thanks to our judges who spent six hard hours listening intently to all the contestants.  Igg Tiemann and John Bell play all the instruments they are judging quite well, and believe me, it's hard to find experienced judges who are competent musicians on even ONE instrument, much less three!  Thank you to my mom, Carla, who added all the scores...again...and again...and again...making sure the totals are correct.  I had lots of help setting up the hall.  Thanks to Mallory, Lucas, Nathanael, Matthew, Dennis, Chelsea, Zak and Diane.  Thanks to the Pickin' Chicks and their parents for providing food & beverages.  This was actually a fund raiser to help the Pickin' Chicks pay for their upcoming thanks to YOU for supporting them!  Thanks to Gary and Dick for making the fiddle & banjo trophies.  Thanks to Charlie for helping with the guitar trophies.  Thanks to Chelsea for an untold amount of help with just about anything I could ask for or forget to ask for!  Thanks to my husband, Earl, for taking pictures (which will be posted on Facebook), helping with the awards, and keeping me straight on everything!  Thanks to Zak, Carla, Nikki, Verlan and several others who helped at the door and at registration.  Thanks to everyone who came and attended the event, and to all the contestants who braved their fears and entertained us so well!  There were also too many people to mention individually that stayed afterwards to help clean the hall.  Thank you all so much!

Here are the results of the contest:

 Flattop Guitar - Junior (16 & Under)
1st - Rosemary Hall
2nd - Paige Johnson
3rd - Madison Wilderman
4th - Mallory Warnecke
5th - Matthew Worthington
JC Davis (Most Entertaining)
Hope Kapelski (Youngest Guitar Player)

Flattop Guitar - Open (17 & Up)
1st - Mike Wall (Most Entertaining)
2nd - Charlie Hall
3rd - Zane Prosser (Oldest Guitar Player)
4th - Don Willi
5th - Katarina Worthington

Junior Banjo (16 & Under)
1st - Nikki Warnecke
2nd - Emily Hall (Most Entertaining)
3rd - Lucas Worthington
4th - Curtis Lewis
5th - Paige Johnson
Andy Eisenhauer (Youngest Banjo Player)

Open Banjo (17 & Up)
1st - Chelsea Perkinson
2nd - Fred Pringle
3rd - Don Willi
4th - Holly Salvatore
5th - Amelia Price

Adult Beginner Banjo (21 & Up, Played < 4 Years)
1st - Julia Ziltz (Most Entertaining) & Kevin Martin
2nd - Larry Reuss
3rd - Dennis Huebner
4th - Doug Farney
5th - Steve McDonnell

Senior Banjo (60 & Up)
1st - Fred Pringle (Most Entertaining)
2nd - Larry Maxwell
3rd - Ralph White (Oldest Banjo Player)
4th - Nick Hughes

Junior II Fiddle (12 & Under)
1st - Rosemary Hall
2nd - Amelia Eisenhauer
3rd - Colton Dever
4th - Regan Farney
5th - Mylie Farney (Most Entertaining)
Isabella Worthington (Youngest Fiddle Player)

Junior I Fiddle (13-17 Years)
1st - Paige Johnson
2nd - Angela Winkeler
3rd - Emily Worthington
4th - Kat Dierksen
5th - Mallory Warnecke (Most Entertaining)

Adult Beginner (21 & Up, Played < 4 Years)
1st - John Oaks
2nd - Rhonda Eisenhauer (Most Entertaining)

Open Fiddle (18 & Up)
1st - Ben Smith
2nd - Chelsea Perkinson
3rd - Ron Dailey
4th - Don Willi
5th - Charlie Hall
Ann White (Most Entertaining)

Senior Fiddle (60 & Up)
1st - Zane Prosser
2nd - Fred Pringle
3rd - Junior Hobson
4th - Andy Talley (Oldest Fiddle Player)
5th - John Barnett

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