Friday, October 22, 2010

A Busy Friday at The Shack!

What a nice day we had today!  It was just as busy as ever, but we sure had fun.

Susan and several of her children came by first thing after opening.  Her daughter, Katarina, teaches piano here, but Lucas and Nathanael came along as well so that they could go throught their contest tunes for next Saturday.  We hadn't even gotten around to practicing yet when Michelle and her husband, Ken, came in from O'Fallon, MO.  Then two more folks walked through the doors for guitar strings.  Next in?  Chelsea and Zak with their "baby" Chief (the basset hound).  Four piano lessons later, in comes Charlie and two of his students.

Boy, did we have fun!  Dennis and Nathanael went through Flop Eared Mule on the fiddle while I installed some spikes on Michelle's banjo, changed the strings, and did some basic setup work.  Lucas was in the main showroom talking banjo with Michelle and Ken and picking up a storm on his own banjo.  Katarina was having her own personal Christmas in her teaching room looking through all her new piano books that had just arrived.  And then???  MY Christmas arrived -- the UPS man with lots of big boxes!

I really enjoyed talking to Ken and Michelle.  They are both new players.  Michelle has played banjo for one year and has an excellent start!  I didn't get to hear Ken play, but that didn't stop us from talking guitar!  Guess who's coming to our contest next Saturday?

When Chelsea and Zak came through the door with Chief, it was immediate love between Chief and every girl in the shop!  Katarina's phone camera came out and she was busy snapping pictures.  Every single wrinkle and expression was followed by "awwww."  Chief's favorite position?  All stretched out with this nose pointed forward, front legs pointed back, back legs pointed back with his feet crossed!

Chelsea had business here today, though.  She was picking up her own personal Stelling banjo.  The Sunflower, to be exact.  I am quite sure that there is no silence in the house tonight!

About 5:30, Susan's husband Dale came by to pick up the three children.  We had to do a little picking before they left, though.  Katarina played guitar, Dale played the bass, Nathanael played fiddle, and Lucas and I played banjo.  We went through their contest tunes, and then we just played a little bit.

It was another day full of great people and fun!  We hope you'll come by soon and join us at The Bluegrass Shack!

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