Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beginning Banjo DVD Coming Soon!

Due to popular request, I have finally completed the shooting and editing of my new Beginning Bluegrass Banjo 1 DVD. Finally! It will go to production soon, and I expect it to be available within the next month or so. I am really happy to be able to produce this DVD, as I have had so many requests from YouTube, festivals, workshops, and students. This particular DVD will cover all the basics, plus teach the following songs: Bile Them Cabbage (3 Variations), Banjo in the Hollow, Cripple Creek, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and Shuckin' the Corn.

As a banjo teacher for 20 years, I know that most students need things presented slowly and precisely. From the mouths of many of my students and other beginning players, "Most instructional materials go too fast, assume you know more than you do, and don't teach in a format that builds on prior learning." There are also many tips and techniques included which should prove valuable to all beginning players.

I will start working on a fiddle DVD, and then I will start on the second disk in both series. Who knows where it will go from there?

Where has all my time gone?

I will let you know when I have this DVD back from production and it is ready for sale.


Matt McCready said...

Chris, It's about time! Matt

Danny said...


I've been clued in to your shack by my boss, Lynda Krogh. I too have a banjo and tried to self-teach. This may be something I'm interested in.

Also, hope to drop by the shack sometime.