Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Dad - Ever the Entertainer!

Probably most of you don't know that my Dad has been in the hospital and a nursing home since the beginning of November.  He is doing okay, but will have surgery sometime in the middle of January.  Daddy is 83 years old, but is always busy entertaining.  He is one of the most social people I know.  My sister brought him his fiddle so that he could play while he's staying in the nursing home.  Well, Daddy has been entertaining everyone, and has even allowed a few other fiddle players who are staying there to pull the bow across the strings of his fiddle.

While we were there on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to put on a concert for the residents during dinner.  It was quite impromptu, but was also a lot of fun.  Earl played guitar, I played banjo, and Daddy played the fiddle.  We all took turns singing.  Then we did a little bit of switching around and Earl took several pictures.  I could tell the folks staying there really enjoyed the music, but there was one lady in particular who stands out in my mind.  Daddy said she used to be a singer.  Every time we sang a song she knew, she would sing out in one very high pitch -- loud and with much vibrato.  She didn't sing any words, just the one note.  It was simply the most joyous thing I have ever heard.  It sounds really funny, and I guess in a certain way it is, but I wish you all could have heard it.  It was pure joy that came straight from her heart.

Don't forget to play for others!  No matter how good or bad you are, you will bring joy to others!  You may never know how you touch other people, but you will.  I promise.

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