Saturday, December 5, 2009

Custom Made Banjo Fingerpicks

Calling all banjo players!  Here is your chance to get some custom made, high quality banjo picks.  John Ellington is from Canada and has made fingerpicks for some pretty high profile banjo players, including Alison Brown (when she played for Alison Krauss).  These are really nice fingerpicks and they are guaranteed.  I have two sets of these and they are non-slip and sound great.  Take a look at John's website at   You can order the picks directly from John on-line.

So why did John start making the banjo picks?  This is what he wrote me:  "I started learning banjo from Dave Talbot, he was Canadian national champion several years in a row.  He now plays for Dolly Parton.  I found the old nationals very uncomfortable and decided to make a pick that was more comfortable and made several prototypes ( 45-50) and with Dave's input arrived at the pick you see today.  It is hand made, of the finest sterling silver.  Pierced to flex around the finger and you can actually feel the string as you play. Secondly, they will not slip if well fitted."

Yes, John made me a set with my name engraved on them, and no, I don't get any commission.  I don't recommend anything I don't like.

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