Friday, March 27, 2009

So Many Winners at Eureka!!

The Bluegrass Shack students had a great time and did wonderfully at the MABC Youth Contests held in Eureka, MO on March 20, 2009. Winners from the Shack include Nikki (1st Place Banjo); Emily (2nd Place Banjo); Makayla (3rd Place Banjo); Andy (4th Place Banjo); Millie (1st Place Fiddle); Makayla (2nd Place Fiddle); Charlie (3rd Place Fiddle); The Pickin' Chicks (1st Place Talent); Charlie & The Girls (2nd Place Talent); Charlie (3rd Place Talent); Duelin' Sisters (4th Place Talent). Here are a few videos. You can find more if you go directly to YouTube.

Nikki - First Place Banjo

Charlie & The Girls - Second Place Talent

Millie - First Place Fiddle

Emily - Second Place Banjo

The Pickin' Chicks - First Place Talent

This is their encore performance played on Saturday night's show:

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