Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bluegrass Shack Gingerbread House!

Just thought I'd share this with everyone. One of my family traditions is to make a gingerbread house each Christmas. Many of my family members and several friends also participate. My mother is an angel to do this for us! We all meet at her house and she actually makes and bakes all the gingerbread and frosting for the houses. She also provides all kinds of candy to decorate the houses with

I made my gingerbread house a small replica of The Bluegrass Shack again this year. The only thing that is not edible is the banjo on the top. Once again this year, students of The Bluegrass Shack will have a chance to take home the gingerbread house. Every student that attends the Christmas party on Saturday can put their name in a drawing. During the party, I will draw one name and that lucky person will get to take the gingerbread house home. Here are pictures for everyone:

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