Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday's Jam

We had another great jam last night! Between helping Jim (the furnace repairman), waiting on customers, and helping beginner jammers, I didn't get to take any pictures or videos again this month. I'll try to get a new video up at the next jam. It will be February 5, 2008.

Here are the folks that came: Denny, Gene, Del, Warren, Irene, both John B's!, Gary K., Annie, Chelsea, Jim, Terry, Verlan, Melanie and her daughter (I can't remember her name, sorry!), Elsie, Craig & his brother (another name I can't remember), Gary G. and his brother (yet another name I can't remember!). Sorry about all the forgotten names! We had a bunch of new people and when I'm that busy, I can't drill the new names into my head. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone! It was a really great jam. For the short amount of time that I joined in, I really enjoyed myself.

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