Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tuesday's Jam

This last Tuesday was another very good jam session. We had a total of 22 pickers, including myself. Once again, we had some new folks join us. We had the four new pickers from Frederickstown (mother and friends of Terry L.), Terry L., Terry H., Mike, Chelsea, Jim, Elsie, Warren, Cindy, Anna, Denny, Kelsey, Dan, Verlan, Rodney, John, Lil and Lil's friend all came to pick. We played a few more country tunes than we usually do, as we had several more country pickers. There was plenty of bluegrass to go around, too! Some of my favorites that we played included Life is Like a Mountain Railway, Amazing Grace, Member of the Blues, Tear my Steel House Down, and several of the gospel tunes that Terry's mother sang.

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