Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sign Painting

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I will be painting our name on our new 23' banjo sign. (Yes, 23 feet!) It is at Terry's house right now in his garage because that is the only place big enough to store it inside out of the weather. This will be the coolest sign! I can't wait until we can put it up at the store. I'll post some pictures soon, but you'll have to come take a look at it when it's finally up.

Today was another workshop day. I spent the morning and early afternoon working on a French fiddle made by LeClerc, and a customer's fiddle. The French fiddle is done now and is hanging on the wall waiting for its new owner. This is a really great sounding fiddle. When I started playing it, Earl turned around and said, "Wow! What fiddle is that"? The other fiddle I'm working on is for Wayne. It needed a soundpost patch on the back of the fiddle, but that's done now. I started working on it yesterday and finished it up this morning. This afternoon, I put a new fingerboard on it and glued the top back on. I won't be able to do anything else with it until another day. (I have to wait for the glue to dry.)

The owners of the local Ace Hardware Store paid us a visit today. We have purchased virtually all our construction-type supplies from Ace. They have the fluorescent lights we need for our fixtures, mops, cleaning supplies, paint, sandpaper -- just about anything you could possibly need. They even have a lumber yard! Anway, Jim and his wife came by today to visit our shop. This was their first time here and it was such a pleasure to have them come! They are going to try to make it to our Tuesday night jam on May 1.

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