Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mel Bay Sale!

I have decided to have some kind of special every week or two. Right now, we are running an in-store special on Mel Bay publications. All Mel Bay books and DVDs are 10% off.

We bought a used Stelling Sunflower yesterday morning, and we sold it yesterday evening. What a nice surprise! Stellings just don't last long around here. I can't wait for our Golden Cross model to come in. I don't know when it will be ready. We'll get a call when they are shipping it, and that's all the notice we'll get. I know Chris will love his "new" banjo!

I will get to spend some time in the repair shop today. I plan on working on a soundpost patch for a customer. Wayne brought the fiddle in for me to look at. It is a nice, vintage Stainer copy from the late 1800's. Someone has done some touchup work on it since then, and some nice little inlays were added on the side of the heel and button. There is also some decorative work that was added to the back. The soundpost crack is in the back of the fiddle. I have already removed the top of the fiddle so I can get to the crack. I also removed the fingerboard because it is too thin, and someone had put a rather large shim under it that won't be needed once the fingerboard is replaced. I probably won't get it all done today, but maybe I'll be able to get the patch fitted and glued.

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