Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another UPS Blunder

I posted a link to my blog about UPS on my own Facebook site, The Bluegrass Shack's FB site, and also UPS' FB site. I finally got a response from someone named Moe. Moe works for UPS and apparently monitors the UPS FB page. Here is his response to why our package was claimed as being insufficient. Once again, UPS has it wrong and doesn't know what it's talking about!

January 28, 2012 - Moe's e-mail to me:

Thank you for sending your concerns to us via e-mail. In reviewing the details of your claim, it appears as though it was denied based on the burst strength of the exterior packaging. The packaging that housed your materials was a corrugated box with 199 pounds per inch burst strength. To accommodate our shipping systems and conveyor belts, we require corrugated boxes to be of at least a 200 pounds per inch burst strength. I absolutely understand how such a miniscule oversight would upset you and have escalated a Corporate Concerns case regarding this issue. A dedicated Case Manager will contact you on Monday; 1/30/2012 in order to further research this situation and work on your case. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Here is my reply to Moe:

Thank you for your reply. Once again, UPS doesn't know what it's talking about. Our boxes are rated at 200 Pounds per inch. I have attached a picture of the bottom of the box that even states that right on the box. These are the only boxes we buy and have been buying since we opened here. Even if that was the case, the instrument was housed inside a hardshell case which was WAY more than 200 pounds per inch. The box was simply a place to put a label and a double-layer of protection. So please, I would LOVE to hear what the Case Manager has to say now. I'm sure it will be another excuse.

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