Sunday, March 20, 2011

Contest Results for Eureka, MO Festival

MABC's Youth Competitions at the 11th Annual Spring Indoor Bluegrass Festival were great.  We had a total of 38 contestants (combined) for the fiddle, banjo and talent competition.  As usual, the talent was simply amazing!  It gets better every year.  Here are the contest results:

Junior Banjo

1st - Nikki Warnecke (Most Entertaining)

2nd - Christi Gray (Youngest)

3rd - Lucas Worthington

4th - Emily Hall

5th - Curtis Lewis

Fiddle Contest

1st - Heather Stortz

2nd - Rosemary Hall

3rd - Trustin Baker (Most Entertaining)

4th - Makayla Smith

5th - Paige Johnson

Audrey Neel - Youngest

Other Talent

1st - The Pickin' Chicks

2nd - The Baker's

3rd - Emily & Rosemary Hall

4th - Paige Rumelhart

5th - Mallory Warnecke

Great job everyone!

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