Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

In just less than an hour, it will officially be Thanksgiving Day.  I've spent some time this past week thinking about all the things I'm thankful for here at The Bluegrass Shack.

I'm thankful that it's been almost 5 years since we opened our doors here in New Athens and that each year has been a better year for us.  We've made so many friends, and I feel like many of our customers are family.

I'm thankful that we have such good teachers here.  Teachers that really care about how their students do.  Teachers that are honest, hardworking and super talented musicians themselves.

I'm thankful that we are in such a small community where we can make a difference in the lives of the people here in this community. 

I'm thankful that we have volunteers that give their time here to help us out in so many different ways:  shovelling snow (we still don't know who does this for us early in the morning); changing light bulbs; repairs and maintenance; cleaning; answering the phones; helping us load and unload equipment for various events; helping us at vendor events and contests; and so much more I'll never remember it all!

I'm thankful for the food and various goodies that students bring here for us and for others!  Yum yum!

I'm thankful for the people who come and jam with us every week, either in our beginning jams or our open public jam session every other week.

I'm thankful for our 24' banjo sign, made by student and New Athens resident Terry Hill.

Special thanks go out to our teachers:  Emily, Charlie, Katarina, Jennine, John, and especially Chelsea.  Chelsea has been with us the entire time we have been here.  She helps us out at all our vendor and special events, and volunteers her time for anything else we need.

Special thanks to our weekly volunteer, Dennis, who comes without fail five days a week to help repair instruments, answer the phone, dust & vacuum, gofer, pack instruments, and just about anything else we need around here!

Earl and I want to wish you all a very heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving!

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