Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bluegrass & Friends!

This was an especially nice day, due to the fact that we got to meet with several of our good bluegrass friends.  My oldest banjo student and his wife (Al & Jan), came to New Athens today to join us for lunch at Gary's Restaurant.  It's been a while since we've seen both of them because Al hasn't had a lesson recently.  (Don't worry...he's still practicing that dobro!)  We spent about an hour together eating and talking, and just had a wonderful visit.

After the shop opened, Ron & Lorraine stopped by.  Ron was eager to show off his new D-18.  It was very nice, too!  The figured mahogany back and sides were the prettiest I've ever seen.  It sounds as good as it looks.  Of course, we HAD to play a little bit of music!  Earl, Ron & Lorraine went out to dinner while I "took care of some business" (explained in the next paragraph).

And now, on to "taking care of business."  Last week, my mouse was stuck to my mousepad.  This week, I'm even...

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