Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy Day at the Shack!

Wow!  It was quite a busy day here today!

I started my day out trying to learn how to use Cubase.  When I tried to use Cubase, it would not load and I was instructed to register it.  Okay.  No big deal, so I thought.  I go to their website and there is a video tutorial about how to license the program.  You know things are going to be bad when you have to view a video tutorial just to be able to license the program.  First off, I have to register with the site, go to my e-mail, and then click the link in the e-mail to complete my registration.  Then, I have to download all updates that have been released since I bought my program.  Then I have to download this special eLicense program which will have a code in it.  After that, I have to click on another link on the manufacturer's website so that I can enter my eLicense special code.  That, in return, creates another special code that is about 40 digits long that is my official registration code. I have to go to the program now and enter that code into the registration number field.  Now I can actually try to use the program I paid for...  This is not a good start for doing something that I know will inevitably be frustrating.  All I can say now is, "I love Cakewalk.  I love Cakewalk.  I love Cakewalk."

From the moment we opened the doors, the phone started ringing and the people starting coming in.  It was quite the fun day!  We set up a couple of instruments, changed strings on several more, and then I made a custom nut with wider string slots for a banjo.  Earl installed Grover tuners on a beautiful, natural maple mandolin, and then I put some new strings on it.  Of course, we had to take time to chat with everyone and play a little bit of music.  Dennis and I discussed some fiddle repairs.  All in all, we worked on several guitars, two banjos, a mandolin, a dobro and several fiddles.

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