Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BG Shack to Sponsor Workshops & Retreat

Please watch the blog for the date!  We are thinking late August, but I have to firm things up still.

The Bluegrass Shack is tentatively planning a series of workshops and concerts for its 1st Annual Bluegrass Retreat to be held in Pinckneyville, IL.  All of the details are currently in the planning stage, but we wanted interested folks to 1) save the date; 2) give us feedback; 3) be the first to get "official" notice!

Some of the things that we would like to plan for this weekend include --
Workshops on:
Fiddle, Banjo & Guitar  (Possibly mandolin & bass as well)
How to Change Strings
Take Apart Your Banjo
Fiddle Strings & Bows (does it make a difference?)
Basic Fiddle Setup

Jamming for:
Open Jams anywhere you want
Beginning Jams

Bands to perform concerts & open stage time

We are planning to hold the retreat at Lake Sallateeska.  This is Baptist Camp, but please note we are not affiliated in any way with the camp and this is a non-religious event except for maybe some great old-time gospel music!  The camp has over 160 acres, with 40 acres being the main part of the camp.  They have RV hookups available as well as hotel rooms on-site!  They have additional beds available if you'd like to reserve for a group (these are bunk beds with a working kitchen & livingroom area, and bathroom facilities).  They have multiple pavillions, an indoor pool, paddle boats, and you can fish in the lake.  There is a game room for the kids.  This is a great place for our bluegrass retreat, as everything can be held indoors in air conditioning, or outdoors!  They even have a cafeteria.  There are several great antique malls nearby for those who wish to have another activity.

Please, take a look at their website to see all the facilities available:

So what would we like from you?  We'd like to hear from you to see what you might be interested in participating in.  This can be from the list I posted above, or whatever you think of.  You might be the one with the great activity we forgot!  Feel free to send e-mail directly to The Bluegrass Shack (bluegrassshack @ or as comments to this blog post.

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