Sunday, February 21, 2010

Man of Constant Sorrow

I have to say a special thanks to Stacey from Poplar Bluff who so kindly sent me two copies of Ralph Stanley's book Man of Constant Sorrow, My Life and Times.   One copy was especially for me, and the other copy was for me to give away.

I started on the book this weekend and am now on page 81.  I have a ways to go...  It is really a fantastic book!  It's like the story of a musician's dream, hard life, old times, mountain folks, and the history of bluegrass music all rolled into one.  The more I read of the book, the more I keep realizing how fortunate I am.

Although Stacey doesn't know this at the time of my blogging (he will surely read this and know soon), I have decided to "give" the book to a bunch of different people.  This wasn't a plan I came up with.  It just sort of happened.  One of my banjo students saw the book in my teaching room and asked about it.  I told him to take it home and read it, and then bring it back.  I have decided I will loan it to my students who are interested in reading it.  Since Stacey works at a library, I'm sure he will approve of this idea!

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