Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another First Place Win for the Pickin' Chicks!

I am so pleased to announce that the Pickin' Chicks won first place at the "Southern Illinois Kids Got Talent" contest held last night in Marion, IL! They had to enter in the 13-14 year age category because the oldest member of the group is 13 years old. (It's all Mallory's fault...)

The contest was held at the Marion Civic Center and was a benefit to the Child Advocacy Center. All the emcees for the program and many of the organizers are children themselves. (You'll hear the emcees at the beginning of the video.) Of their own accord, the Pickin' Chicks donated their $100 cash prize to the Child Advocacy Center.

At the time of this performance, newcomer Paige had only played with the group for three weeks, at which time she learned the bass. From left to right in the performance: Millie on fiddle (9 years old); Nikki on banjo (11 years old); Mallory on guitar (13 years old); and Paige on bass (12 years old). Congratulations to them all!

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sylvia said...

Awsome job girls! Great playing and great hearts!