Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gemeinhardt J1 Model Flute

This is certainly not bluegrass, but I am looking for information. I bought an old Gemeinhardt flute today at the flea market and cannot find much information on it at all. I've been to Gemeinhardt's website and also done several different types of searches on the internet. The only thing I came up with is a YouTube video of someone playing and showing a picture of this model of flute. (It is identical to the one I have.) Gemeinhardt's website states that they lost some of the historical information, and there is nothing on there.

First of all, the model of the flute is J1. (This is only a mouthpiece model currently, and there is no mention on Gemeinhardt's website that an entire flute was a model J1.) Secondly, the flute looks different than the standard flute. It is a regular C flute, but there are finger "circles" or disks that are part of the keys where a player puts their fingers. I have never seen this on a flute. Yes - on a piccolo, but not on a standard C flute. It also has a very strange looking G# (Ab) key. It is longer than normal and curvier. The C & C# keys on the foot joint are also somewhat longer and slightly curved. The main joint of the flute says:

(serial # here)

It is silverplated with virtually no pitting or wear at all to the plating. No dents. Here's a picture:

I am hoping that someone who knows something will tell me!!!! Maybe someone else out there is better at getting information than I am. I also posted on a flute forum, so maybe between these two postings I'll come up with something.

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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