Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Meeting New Beginner's Jam

We had a huge crowd for our first Beginner's Instructional Jam last night. In attendance were Bobby, Fred, Annie, Carlee, Christina, Rebecca, Carl, Dennis, Denny, Craig, Shirley, Dolton, Marian, Bill, Cyndi, Sylvia, Linda, Mike, Amelia, Earl, and two other girls from Oakdale Baptist Church. (I'm sorry, I've forgotten your names!) I hope I didn't forget anyone. The session was absolutely great! We covered the Nashville Number System (which we're sure to cover again); tags; lead; breaks; kick-off; boom chuck, boom chuck, boom chuck chuck ending with long fiddle note on end; fake breaks (banjo players); vocals vs. instrumental keys; order of vocals; difference between verse and chorus; and a little bit about 7th chords. The songs we played were Skip to my Lou, Hot Corn Cold Corn, Worried Man Blues, I'll Fly Away, and Will the Circle Be Unbroken. Several more experienced and brave individuals took breaks for a few of the songs and did very well! We also did some group regular breaks and group fake breaks. Almost everyone participated in singing along with the choruses of the songs. I am super pleased with the turn-out and with the willingness to try that everyone showed. Can't wait for the next session!

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