Monday, March 17, 2008

Contest Results

Friday night was the Youth Fiddle, Banjo & Talent Contest sponsored by MABC (Missouri Area Bluegrass Committee, a/k/a Bluegrass America). There were a total of 34 entrants, and the talent was simply amazing. If you missed this, you need to be sure to see it next year. All contestants had to be 16 years old or younger. Here are the top three winners in each division:

1st - Jake Hammel
2nd - Jennifer Robbins
3rd - Martin Hill

1st - Dillon Scott
2nd - Nicole Warnecke
3rd - Makayla Smith

1st - Jennifer Robbins & Rachel Neel
2nd - Flora Caudill
3rd - Nathan Jacobson

Here are some photos with my thanks to Nick!!!

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