Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beginner's Instructional Jam

This particular group of students has been meeting every other Monday to learn how to play music and jam with others. We cover just about anything you can think of in this instructional jam session, including song structure, chord structure (the Nashville Number system), taking breaks, "fake" breaks, singing lead & harmony, how to find your "key" to sing in, fill-in licks, jamming etiquette, etc.

We always have a really good time playing, and most of the time someone brings some food for us to share. Yea!!! I am posting a video of our latest session. Everyone looks like they are either scared to death or bored, but believe me, we were having a great time until I got my camera out!!! I am SO PROUD of everyone. Each person in the group sings lead on whatever songs they have chosen. We all sing on the choruses, and several sing harmony as well. It is amazing to see how far each individual has come since we started.

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Sharon said...

Wow! I just discovered your web blog! This looks like so much fun! Wish you were somewhere near Idaho!