Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pit Stop

A nice guy by the name of Michael stopped in our shop today. He had been searching on the internet for a fiddle, and we talked with each other last week over the phone. (In fact, I was playing fiddles for him over the phone!) Michael is from Pittsburgh, but is actually in the process of moving to Colorado. He dropped by the Shack in a rental van on his way to Colorado and purchased a fiddle. I wish now that I had asked to take his picture, but it just now occurred to me. He has never played fiddle before, but would like to learn Irish and Cape Breton (Canada) fiddle playing. I think we spent about an hour talking and playing fiddles, but finally Michael was able to pick one out that suited him just perfect! Hopefully, we'll hear from Michael and maybe he'll send me a picture of him with his new fiddle (hint, if you're reading this Michael).

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