Friday, August 24, 2007

Tuesday's Jam Session

Our regularly-scheduled Tuesday night jam once again featured several new participants. We are very glad to have had newcomers Jim, Janice, Art, and Nancy! Janice and Nancy are fiddlers, and along with Chelsea and Wayne, we really had some good fiddling! Jim is just starting fiddle, but that didn't keep him from taking his turn and trying out his fiddle tunes with the group. We truly had "double" basses, as both Art and Denny were hitting the strings hard! I think one of the highlights of the evening was Orange Blossom Special, with all the remaining fiddle players taking the lead in turn. It was awesome! Janice sang a very touching song about learning the Bible while sitting on grandma's lap in the rocking chair. I had never heard this song before, but it was really great. Both John B. & John P. stayed for a while and did some singing and picking. Nancy played Dill Pickle Rag, which is a song I recently learned on fiddle. It was neat hearing someone else's take on this song. Mike sang my favorite song of his -- House of Gold -- and Janice and I sang harmony. Now that school has started again, our young players were not able to come. We sure missed them!

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