Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kid's Band Practice

The kid's band practiced tonight with everyone present for the first time in about a month. With summer here, it is hard to work around everyone's schedules! The kids did a great job, and this was probably the best practice they've had yet.

In case you are wondering, the kids band is a group of students that I put together so that they could learn to play with other people and in a band type setting. It is a way for them to sing lead and harmony, learn to play backup, learn how to go from backup to breaks, and everything else they need to know. Austin (banjo) is 11 years old, Haley (fiddle) is 9, Jaclyn (guitar) is 10, and Makayla (bass & fiddle) is 13. The songs we worked on tonight were Old Joe Clark, Mama Don't 'Low, I'll Fly Away, Bile Them Cabbage, and Turkey in the Straw.

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