Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yes Earl Can!

I decided that I would secretly record Earl's practice session tonight and post several videos for everyone to listen to.  Most people have not heard Earl play fiddle because it's a work in progress and he usually plays guitar and sings during our jam sessions.  I decided that since I just wrote a long blog entry about practicing that these videos would go along with it nicely.

The particular songs that I am posting are ones that Earl is currently working on.  He is in the stage now where he needs to practice with a guitar player...that would be me this time.  You will notice from time to time how Earl moves a finger slightly to get a note in tune.  This is something that practicing with a guitar player will help you accomplish.  So, it's not just for rhythm!

By the way, I told Earl my secret before posting these videos.  After all, we're married.  And still happily.  And I'm still alive to post these.


Anonymous said...

Earl I'm ready for lessons. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

GO EARL! Oooeee that sure was some nice fiddlin'! :)

Anonymous said...

E A R L!!! Dude! I am impressed. Great job man. I didn't know you played the fiddle. Sounds Great! We need to do some jamming soon. James H.