Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fiddle Displays on E-Bay *FUN!*

This is just a for fun post.  I was browsing E-bay this evening and was getting a kick out of some of the pictures.  I know that HOW you display something can make a difference in whether or not something sells, and I just thought I'd offer my opinion on how well some of these pictures might be working...

Now, here's a classic look.  You can tell someone took some effort to make the fiddle look at home.  This is something that anyone can do and it is a nice effect.

Next up...  this is either a giant chair or a tiny fiddle!!!

I love this one!  Yes, I'm thinking the bush will really make this one stand out from the rest, even if it doesn't help it sell!

Purple is royalty, but red is a close second.

And while we're on PARTS fiddles, I do think the grass makes this one look better.  Or maybe it is just the arrangement of the parts...

For the artistic, here are a couple of really nice photos.  I don't know if they will help the fiddle sell, but they look good.

If there was a photography award, it would go to this one in my opinion.  I love the way the blinds mimic the flaming in the maple back.

And last but not least, all I can think when I look at this one is, "How in the world did they get it to stand up"?

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