Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's Instructional Jam

We had another great instructional jam tonight.  There were a few regulars that could not make it tonight, but we still had a nice group with Kabbie, Charlie, Emily, Rosemary, John, Christine, Amelia, Fred, Dennis, Verlan, Larry R., and listeners Rick and Natalie.  Charlie had us thinking hard (at least those of us without capos) when he played "Cabin Home on the Hill" in B-flat.  Kabbie has a beautiful voice, and she did a great job on "In the Sweet By and By."  Fred did a new one tonight, too -- "Unclouded Day."  I love watching and listening to Fred sing because he really sings with all his heart.  You can really tell he enjoys it and he believes what he is singing.  Amelia sang for the first time tonight, so Christine sang with her.  They did a nice job on "Jambalaya."  I thought everyone did a great job, though I'm not writing about each and every one.

Larry told a story about the first time he played banjo in public.  One of the tuning pegs on his banjo got loose.  What had happened was that the screw on the end of the planetary peg was a little bit loose.  The string would not stay in tune and he kept trying to get it in tune in the middle of his performance.  He didn't know what was wrong, but because he was part of a skit-type of show, everyone thought it was part of the act. 

Towards the end of the jam, I had Charlie & the Girls perform two of the songs that they are going to perform in Silver Dollar City week after next.  It was enjoyable for all of us, and it was good practice for them.  I even had them do their announcing just like they will be doing it on stage.  Emily sang lead on "Daniel Prayed," and Rosemary sang lead on "Think of What You've Done."  You should hear their beautiful harmony!!!

Kabbie's mother was celebrating her birthday, so we called her on the phone and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Rick put her on the speaker on his cell phone so we could hear her reaction.  You could tell she was surprised.  That was fun!

After we picked, we all enjoyed cake.  Woo hoo!

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