Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday's Jam Session

It seems like the jam sessions just keep getting better and better. We had a such a great time last night! We had visitors from out of town, as well as many of our regulars. After the jam, Stan and his wife Abby stayed around for a while and we talked until, well, too late!!! Stan and I played a bunch of fiddle duets, while Shirley and Abby listened. It was wonderful! Theresa and her husband came from out of town, and both participated in the jam. Theresa plays fiddle and is fairly new to jam sessions. She jumped right in and played great! Her husband and I played some guitar and I answered a few questions. It is really nice to be in a position to help new jammers. There are so many things to know and so many questions, and many times there is no one to ask. I am really glad that I am able to help get others started. I can't forget when it was me who was asking all the questions! Thanks to John and Irene, Ron and Lorraine, John B., Gary, Terry L., Denny, Stan and Abby, Theresa and husband, Doc, Elsie, and Shirley and Steve for coming! I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

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