Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris' Upcoming Workshops: Fiddle, Banjo & Guitar

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Our Lady of the Snows Shrine
Belleville, IL

This is the big event of the year for the Gateway Dulcimer Society, but there are other workshops besides dulcimer. (Of course, dulcimer players, you will certainly want to get on this one!) For registration information, go to

I will be teaching the following workshops:

Fiddle 1 (Nov - Int): Bowing Techniques; Straight vs. Swing; Song: Stone's Rag
In this class, we will discuss differences in bow grips and techniques, shuffles, accents, and straight bowing versus swing bowing (for rags). We will learn the song Stone's Rag.

Fiddle 2 (Int - Adv): Vibrato; Slow Backup; Harmony; How Singing Can Help; Song: Amazing Grace
In this class, we will learn the difference between arm and wrist vibrato and how to do both, how to play backup for slow songs, and how learning harmony and singing (in private, not public performance) can help with slow backup. We will play the song Amazing Grace in the Key of G.

Banjo: (Nov - Int): Basic Backup; Basic Fill-in Licks; Fake Breaks; Anticipating Chord Changes; Songs: Long Journey Home, Hot Corn Cold Corn
In this class, we will discuss how to start playing with others. We will learn basic backup techniques, how to anticipate chord changes, how to use the capo, the difference between a fake break and a real break and how to do both. We will work on two songs: Long Journey Home and Hot Corn Cold Corn.

Guitar: (Nov - Int): Strumming Techniques; Flat-picking Techniques; Basic Runs; Song: Cripple Creek
In this class, we will discuss several different strumming techniques: Bass note accent vs. strum accent, and down stroke vs. down-up stroke. We will learn the basic G, C & D runs, plus several different G licks. We will learn the difference between flat-picking and cross-picking, and we will learn both versions of Cripple Creek.

Hope to see you there!

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