Friday, January 11, 2008

Learn Bluegrass Banjo CD

Many of you know that I have my own series of CDs for banjo and fiddle. I received an e-mail from Steve today. He lives in Rhode Island. He ordered the Beginning Bluegrass Banjo CD 1 a while back, and now he just received his order for Disk 2 and wanted to let me know how he was doing. Here is the e-mail Steve sent me:

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to take a minute here and thank you for the great CD's you've made for beginning bluegrass. I purchased your first CD a couple of months ago and just now recieved the second one.

I first started playing back in the 70's and played for a year or so, but because there were no teachers available locally I didn't progress too far with just my Pete Seger book and eventually lost interest.

I recently dusted off my "Hoyer" banjo and put some new strings on it after realizing how much information is now on the web for learning. I picked up a lot of information off different sites and also Youtube videos, but after using your first CD for beginners, I have to say that I've learned more from that CD in a couple of months than I did for over a year back in the 70's.

I just ordered a new Recording King R-20 and I'm pretty excited about jumping into your second CD with the new Banjo! I'm loving this hobby again and your CD has given me the knowledge and confidence that was lacking all those years ago.

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John said...

Wow, another "Hoyer" banjo owner - amazing! Not much to find, even on the internet, regarding Hoyer banjos - plenty on guitars. I also bought my Hoyer in the mid 70's. I bought 'How to play the 5-string banjo' by Pete Seeger ... but also purchased books and cassette tapes from The Owl, compiled and edited by Edward T. Wing. I found the instruction material by Edward with accompanying tapes very easy to learn from. Did some research on Arnold Hoyer, a German company who manufactured the banjo and discovered they were taken over by Creative Bags and Cases Ltd in England. I've contacted them and sent them images of my banjo just the other day. Also after discovering your post this morning find that Edward T. Wing is still around and can be found at - amazing! Your post and creative bags are all that I've been able to find regarding my beloved Hoyer banjo which tells me there aren't many of us out here. Time to get pickin ~