Tuesday, January 8, 2008

American Fiddle Done!

I finally finished the work on the American fiddle. You can view the details and more of the "before" pictures in an earlier post. Isn't this the most beautiful one piece back you've ever seen???

There were originally four corners with ebony inlays, but none of them were intact, and only three of the ebony corner pieces were in the case. I had to make the fourth one to match the other three, and then glue them back into place.

In addition to the ebony corners, there were also ebony pieces that were inlayed around the heel and button area. These were all completely missing and had to be made and inlayed. I have included a few "before" pictures along with the "after" picture.

If you view my earlier post, you'll see more before photos and this instrument completely apart. There was an entire piece of rib missing along with the end block. Here is what the final repair looks like.

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