Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you haven't finished up your shopping yet and you are needing some Christmas cards or ideas for the stocking, here you go!

Karen Cannon is at it again with her absolutely adorable Christmas cards!  We are offering these at a substantial discount of only $12.00 per box (of 10).  These retail for $16.95.  Take a look at some of the cards we have in stock!

First off, how about a chinrest pad for your favorite fiddle or violin player?  At only $3.00, they are a bargain!

Every guy needs just one more tie, especially when it's a musical tie!

How about a case tag?  Every case should have one and they are only $2.50 - $3.50!

Music pocketbooks are the answer for many folks!  Some are chord books, some are tab, some are musical notation, some are theory.  All cost $1.25 - $4.50, depending upon the individual book.

Instrument magnets are sure to get a "front seat" on the refrigerator of your favorite musician.  They are all $5.00 or less, too!

Need a place to store picks and capos?  How about extra change?  These mini saddle change purses are made of real leather and come in black and brown.  At only $10.00, any cowgirl would be proud to own one!

These very detailed mini instruments make great ornaments or fan / light pulls.  They are only $10.00 and will give years of joy!

We have many other items that musicians need that fit great into a stocking:  strings, capos, picks, gift certificates, tuners, rosin, shoulder rests, straps, cables, microphones, lyres, polish, polishing cloths, fretboard conditioner, Simichrome polish for banjos and other metal parts, mutes, pitchpipes, pick pouches and holders, hat and lapel pins, harmonicas, jaw harps, gorilla snot, guitar grease, peg winders, drumsticks (wood & light-up!), reeds, cleaning kits, transducers & pickups, strap buttons, and much more!

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