Monday, July 20, 2009

Response to my Big Money Making Plan

Just in case you haven't read my post about making lots of money on E-bay, you probably need to do that first...because this post is about a response I got in my e-mail to that post.

Cliff was reading through the blog and agreed with me! (I know, I know - it's pretty amazing.) Anyway, he sent this response:

Everybody needs an authentic Fuzzball. What more could you want for or need??? You can name it - "Fuzzy" or "Dusty" or "Mozart's Musical Menagerie" while it sits encased in a glass paperweight - a part of history. The perfect gift designed to intrigue friends and family alike as they imagine the noteworthy musical history brought forth in the dust of time.

Anyway, there is a buyer for everything, so go for it.

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