Friday, July 17, 2009

My Big Money Making E-Bay Idea...

I don't know how many of you out there ever look at E-Bay, but just watching Jay Leno when he was hosting the Tonight Show has created a burning idea in my mind. Did you ever see his spot "For Sale on E-bay"? He would pick out these ridiculous items that were for sale on E-Bay and then the audience would guess as to whether the item actually sold or not.

As I work on instruments, I come up with all these GREAT ideas. Here is my big money-making plan. The fiddles that are 100 years old or more have, for the lack of a better work, "fuzzballs" inside of them. This is a collection of wood chips, dust, dirt, and who knows what that forms a nice little ball inside the fiddle. It is usually too large to come out of the f-hole without some help. I generally use a soundpost setter to get it out. If I sold 100 of these nice little fuzzballs in a year, I would really have something, wouldn't I??? I think my E-bay ad would look something like this:

100 Year Old Violin Fuzzball For Sale!!!

Guaranteed Authentic!

Up for auction is this genuine 100+ year old fuzzball that came from the inside of a genuine 1650 Stradivarius (see picture of violin and label). Just think of the history that this fuzzball carries with it -- and it can now be yours! We will include with your purchase a picture of the violin and violin label that the fuzzball came from.

Your genuine 100+ year old fuzzball will be protected carefully during shipment. It will be encased in a small plastic pinbox that has been wrapped with bubblewrap and sent insured mail. We want to protect your investment!

The starting price is only $10.00. Shipping/insurance/handling will be $100; more if you live outside of the continental US. Bid now before it's gone forever!!

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