Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old Electronic Chuch Chimes

I didn't even know these existed until today. Bob appealed to my "I can't say no" side looking for some help with this old set of church chimes. I was curious enough that I had to at least take a look inside. We took the screws out of the back, hooked it up to a small PA system, and then watched it all in action. Bob thought they were out of tune. With the help of a guitar and an electronic tuner, we actually determined it had to be the church's organ that was out of tune. I marked two keys that don't work, and hopefully Steve, our eletronic wizard from Collinsville, can help us out with this one. Anyway, if you are as curious as I am, you'll enjoy these pictures and the video I am posting. Be sure to take a look at how the rods are suspended with thread and springs. It's pretty amazing!Have fun!

In case you are wondering how these things are tuned, take a look at this next photo. You will see a slight indentation on each rod. The back side of each rod is filed little by little until it is in perfect tune. Unlike a string, these will stay in tune forever unless the rods are disturbed and metal is removed or added to them. Since the rods are housed in a box that is screwed shut, this protects them pretty well.

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