Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grassy Bluegrass Festival

The Chris Talley Trio played this weekend at the Arrowhead Campground's Annual Summer Bluegrass Festival held in Grassy, MO. It was another wonderful weekend! The weather COULD NOT have been nicer!!! I'm sure all who were there would agree. I can't remember when it wasn't about 1000 degrees. The Castor River runs through the campgroud, so you can imagine where all the kids spent their non-picking time!

Since we did not actually stay at the campground, I didn't get to do any jamming, but I did get to do lots of visiting. I also spent some time playing fiddle with Dana and Tabitha and their mom. They have a family band and are new pickers to the scene. I wish I knew the name of their band -- but I'm sure you'll be hearing about them soon as they start to pick around!

I was happy to see some folks from our area that joined us in Grassy: Nick, Christine, John, Kabbie, Rick, Emily, Natalie, Rosemary, Charlie, Bill, Cyndi, and I'm probably forgetting someone! There were many more folks that I saw that aren't from our area but are friends. Thanks to Bill & Joanne for letting us use their camper. Thanks to Nick for the good food! There's nothing like grilled hamburgers!

The sound at this festival was probably the best I've ever heard. I'll try to find out who was doing the sound and post it here. It is certainly worth mentioning, as everyone was talking about how good it was. The bands were all over the place, ranging from first-timers to well-experienced pickers. There was something there for everyone.

Grassy has always been my favorite outdoor festival. There are lots of trees, the beautiful river, great jamming, HOMEMADE ICE CREAM at the snack bar, sand volleyball court, and lots of really nice people. Julie did a great job, as usual, as the emcee. Make sure you look for the next festival here and mark it on your calendar!

Many thanks to LeRoy Brown for having us out there this weekend!

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