Friday, June 8, 2012

Something Special

Every once in a great while, a very special person comes along in your life.  Not necessarily a boyfriend or girlfriend, but just a really great person.  You don't know it at the time, because only the passing of time is the true test.

I started teaching from my home a couple of years before Earl and I opened The Bluegrass Shack.  One of my students at that time was Chelsea Perkinson.  She was young at the time -- still in high school.  She already played clarinet and saxophone in the high school band, but she wanted to learn to play the fiddle.  She was "one of those."  You know what I mean...picks up the instrument and just is able to do everything.  She was diligent in her practicing, and she had a good attitude and outlook.

When Earl and I opened The Bluegrass Shack in 2005, Chelsea was the first teacher that started here with us.  She has been here for six years now, and we are so blessed to have her in so many ways.  She is a great teacher, musician and friend.  She is great with our customers, which are so many times just like family to us here.  She has always gone with us to festivals when we set up as vendors.  Her work as a waitress before she came here made her perfect for working with money and with customers.  Her personality is bright and upbeat.  She can say things to Earl that I would never get away with!

And then someone just as special as Chelsea came into Chelsea's life...Zachery Bergmann.  Zachery has proved to be a great friend to us, and an even better friend and mate for Chelsea.  We are so happy for both of them! 

The Bluegrass Shack will be closed this Saturday, June 9, 2012, as Chelsea Perkinson and Zachery Bergmann get married!

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What a wonderful relationship! It will certainly be a happy day for Zach and Chelsea. Chelsea is blessing to all who meet her and take lessons. Zach has figured this out!