Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Banjo for Lucas

If you know the Lord, you know He works in mysterious and wonderful ways...and in His own timing.  What an interesting weekend this has turned out to be.  But I'm getting ahead of myself!

First of all, we have a scholarship fund here at The Bluegrass Shack.  We are very careful about who receives anything from our scholarship fund because we want to be good stewards, especially of what is not ours!  For some time now, I have been needing a good banjo for student Lucas.  Lucas didn't know it, but his dad and mom knew that I was waiting for the right banjo for him.  We had actually discussed this several times in the past several months, and my last word to them was just to wait a little bit longer.

Earlier this week, a funeral was held for a man who has 10 children, nine of whom are still living at home.  This was a local man, and several of the families that take lessons here knew the family.  It was sudden and unexpected, and even for those of us who didn't know the family, it feels devastating just thinking about 10 children and their mother without Daddy around anymore.  It would have been very normal for the funeral to be held today (Saturday), but none of the funeral homes were available, so the burial was yesterday.

Why did that matter?  Because three of the bands that performed today in St. Charles would not have been able to attend, including Lucas' family band The Worthing10s.

As it turned out, all the scheduled bands played in St. Charles today, and everything was done in the Lord's timing.  The Worthing10s were the first band to play today.  While they were playing, Mom Worthington (Susan) was standing in the back watching and listening.  After a while, a woman came up to Susan and asked her if she was the mother.  This woman told Susan about how she had a banjo from her son who had passed away.  She then proceeded to tell Susan that she felt like God was telling her to give this banjo to Lucas.  She got in her car, drove back home, and then returned to the Convention Center with the banjo and gave it to Lucas!  Lucas then played the banjo for her and she recognized tunes that her son had played.  How special is that?

If you want to hear Lucas playing the banjo for the lady at the convention center today, go to the Worthing10s Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, what an amazing story! God shows His blessings every day!