Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Bluegrass - But Free Check Engine Diagnosis

I know this isn't a bluegrass related item, but I thought it was valuable enough that everyone should know. The check engine light has been on in my car for about the last four months. I didn't bother to get it looked at because my car seems to be running fine. I happened to be at Auto Zone the other day actually taking care of bluegrass business! Yes, indeed. I was buying pinstriping at Auto Zone to mark the finger positions on fiddles. There, sitting next to the register, was a brochure advertising free Check Engine diagnosis.

Naturally, I was quite skeptical. I asked the guy if it was really free. Did I have to buy anything? Did I have to get it serviced anywhere in particular? Etc. He said it was absolutely free, and he could do it right then. Well, yes!!! It took all of about five seconds and I didn't even have to start the car. Now I know my EGR valve is plugged up and I can take it to any car service place I want and have it cleaned. Diagnosis was completely free!

This was the Auto Zone in Belleville, IL. I don't know if this is a service offered by all Auto Zone stores in all states, but you should definitely check this out if you have the need. It will save you about $100. Now you can spend the saved money at your favorite music store -- The Bluegrass Shack!!!


Anonymous said...

They will give you code info but be carefull because the code does not allways tell you what is wrong but what system it is in. With Ford vehicle's, I have customers come in all the time after installing EGR valves that Autozone told them that where bad and find that the DPFE sensor is acctualy the problem or the EGR ports in the intake manifold are cloged with carbon. Don't beleive everything they say or you may be installing parts that are not needed.

Chris Talley Armstrong said...

Great advice! Thank you!