Friday, August 15, 2008

"New" Vintage Fiddle!

It is not nearly as common for folks to purchase a nice, vintage smaller size fiddle as it is a full size. However, I had a request this month for one, and we had just the instrument! I shipped out an 1890's OLEBULL 1/8 size fiddle last week to Texas and received a very nice note back from Cheryl:

Hi Chris,
We got the fiddle and I am amazed at the sound!! It sounds great, Marlys' face just lit up when she played it for the first time. It was like she finally could hear the music she was making. Such a tremendous difference from that shrill sounding one she has been playing. Thank you again. I was wondering what would be safe to use on the wood to clean it. Do we need to do anything special to polish it, etc. Thank you once again.

And yes, it's true! Those vintage small sizes sound so much better than the new ones! And look how beautiful an instrument it is:

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