Sunday, December 16, 2007

TBS Student CDs Ready!

It's the moment you've been waiting for! The Bluegrass Shack Student CDs are done and ready for you and your friends & relatives! This is a fundraiser for the 2008 Fiddle & Banjo contests that we will be putting on this coming summer and again in the fall. There are a total of 54 songs on two CDs. All the songs are played by students of The Bluegrass Shack, with additional backup instrumentation (bass, guitar, fiddle, banjo & other miscellaneous instrumentation) done by Chris Talley Armstrong. Below is the song list and what each student played. I have linked soundclips to the first 10 songs on each CD so you can listen to a few seconds...

CD#1 Songlist -
1. Soldier's Joy (fiddle & hammer dulcimer) - Rachel (16)
2. Shuckin' the Corn (banjo)
3. Forked Deer (fiddle)
4. Amazing Grace (fiddle & vocals) - Paige (10) & Makayla (13)
5. Bill Cheatham (banjo)
6. Canadian Waltz (fiddle) - Jenny (16)
7. I'll Fly Away (guitar & vocals) - Alaina (14)
8. Liberty (fiddle)
9. Banjo in the Hollow (banjo) - Al (My oldest student - over 70!)
10. Drunken Sailor (fiddle & vocal) - Nathan (10)
11. Celito Lindo (banjo)
12. Keep on the Sunny Side (family band & vocal)
13. Arkansas Traveller (fiddle)
14. Jingle Bells (banjo)
15. Bile Them Cabbage Down (vocal)
16. Are You Washed in the Blood (fiddle)
17. O Come O Come Immanuel (fiddle & vocal)
18. I Saw the Light (guitar & vocal)
19. Christmas Medley (fiddle)
20. Mountain Dew (guitar & vocal)
21. Old Joe Clark (banjo)
22. Liza Jane (fiddle)
23. Up Jumped the Devil (fiddle)
24. What a Friend We Have in Jesus (fiddles & vocals)
25. Will the Circle be Unbroken (banjo & vocal)
26. Roxanna Waltz (fiddle)
27. Uncle Dell (banjo)

CD#2 Songlist -
1. Cripple Creek (banjo)
2. Worried Man Blues (banjo)
3. Wildwood Flower (fiddle) - Bayle (13)
4. Rabbit in a Log (student band & vocals)
5. The Old Rugged Cross (fiddle)
6. Foggy Mountain Top (banjo & vocals)
7. Duelin' Banjos (banjo) - Austin (11)
8. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (banjo)
9. Danny Boy (fiddle)
10. Scotland the Brave (fiddle) - Ashley (13)
11. Sittin' on Top of the World (family band & vocals)
12. Whiskey Before Breakfast (fiddle)
13. Turkey in the Straw (banjo)
14. Star of the County Down (fiddle)
15. Amazing Grace (banjo)
16. Charlie Hunter Waltz (fiddle)
17. House of Gold (fiddle & vocal)
18. French Folk Song (fiddle)
19. Banjo in the Hollow (guitar & banjo)
20. Peekaboo Waltz (fiddle)
21. Blackberry Blossom (banjos)
22. Oh Come All Ye Faithful (vocal)
23. Flop Eared Mule (fiddle)
24. Draggin' the Bow (fiddle)
25. Ragtime Annie (fiddle)
26. Tombigbee Waltz (fiddle)
27. Salt Creek (banjo)

If you would like the two CD set, then the cost is $15.00. If you want copies of just one CD or the other, then they are $10.00 each. Once again, this is a fund raiser, so all the money will go into promoting bluegrass music in this area with our 2008 fiddle and banjo contests.

These CDs ARE NOT professional. They are songs performed by students and recorded through a computer here at The Bluegrass Shack. We think they are very good, and that they represent the everyday musician like the majority of us out there. About half of the recordings were made by children (ages are listed on the CD for children), and the other half are adults and seniors. There are also pictures of every student on the CD insert. Contact us at The Bluegrass Shack if you would like copies of the CDs.

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